Building Better Relationships with the Enneagram of Personality - TBA

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Building Better Relationships with the Enneagram of Personality - TBA


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The enneagram system of personality types made its first public appearance in Berkeley in 1978. Since then it has spread around the world as a powerful method to understand ourselves and
the people in our lives.

The enneagram describes nine personality types, each with a particular way of seeing the world and specific patterns in relationship. Every type has it gifts and challenges. Knowing our own style and how this is different from others is a huge help in our relationships – at home and at work. The enneagram is used in families, organizations, church congregations, and psychotherapy
and coaching practices to develop emotional intelligence, effective communication, leadership
and teams.  

Join us to hear panel interviews with all nine personality types about what works for them in relationship, what gets in the way, and how they want to be loved and supported.

May 9 – The heart-based types:

Type 2, the Giver; Type 3, the Performer; Type 4, the Romantic

May 16 – The head-based types:

Type 5, the Observer; Type 6, the Loyal Skeptic; Type 7, the Epicure

May 23 – The body-based types:

Type 1, the Perfectionist; Type 8, the Protector; Type 9, the Mediator

May 30 – The instinctual subtypes: Self-Preservation, One-to-One, Social

Cost: $120 for the series of four classes or $35 per class at the door ($20 for students with ID)


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Questions: Contact Enneagram Work at 510-234-1600.