1) The Perfectionist - Ones are responsible, thorough, and hard working with high standards for themselves and others. They know how to do things the right way. Their challenge is to balance their critical thinking with acceptance and appreciation, and to know when “good enough” is more productive than “exactly right.” 

2) The Giver - Twos are positive and people-oriented. They make excellent communicators and will support the best interests of the organization. Highly empathetic, they know what other people feel and need. Their challenge is to practice good personal boundaries and to choose more carefully when and how much they help others. 

3) The Performer - Threes have tremendous productivity. Enthusiastic and highly motivated, they quickly move into action to accomplish results. Their challenge is to take the time to listen to others, build good relationships, and develop more long term strategy. They need to watch out for personal burnout due to “workaholism.”

4) The Romantic - Fours focus on authenticity, meaning, and aesthetics. They value excellence in all things and they want to make a personal connection to their work and to the people around them. Their challenge is to learn to tolerate the mundane aspects of work, to reduce their emotional reactions, and to not take things too personally. 

5) The Observer - Fives are excellent thinkers and strategists. They seek to develop technical expertise and accumulate knowledge. They need lots of privacy and autonomy. Their challenge is to be available to other people when possible, to communicate warmth, and to recognize other kinds of human assets besides mental intelligence. 

6) The Loyal/Skeptic - Sixes focus on figuring out what’s going on around them to create safety and structure. They are loyal, dependable, and they are especially good at anticipating problems and creating solutions. Their challenge is manage their suspicion and doubt so that it doesn’t de-motivate themselves or other people. 

7) The Epicure - Sevens are quick thinking, adaptable, and positive in their outlook. Where other people see problems, they see opportunities. They like to enjoy multiple interests and multiple options. Their challenge is to acknowledge problems and limitations and to bring their attention back to the present and the task at hand. 

8) The Protector - Eights are good at taking charge of their environment. They know how to mobilize to get things done. They make good leaders, and they will stand up for the positions and the people they care about. Their challenge is to moderate their forcefulness, to become adaptable in different situations, and to avoid creating unnecessary conflict.

9) The Mediator - Nines are steady and balanced in their approach to work and relationships. They can see all sides of an issue and are able to bring people together in a spirit of cooperation and harmony. Their challenge is to stay focused on the priorities and to stick up for their own position, even if that involves discomfort or conflict.  

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