Pat O'Hanrahan - Enneagram from the Inside Out

Understanding yourself in relationships with family, friends and at work

The heart of the Narrative Tradition Enneagram is the interview method. In addition to the panel method, we rely on the individual typing interview to explore and help determine a person's Enneagram type. The Enneagram comes alive through personal conversation with an experienced teacher. 

While books, websites and typing tests are all helpful, a typing interview offers personalized attention which can be essential for discovering your personality type and finding the resources and applications of the system which are most useful for you. Ongoing inquiry and continued study can support your personal growth and illuminate understanding in relationships.

Pat O'Hanrahan has been a student of the Enneagram starting with Helen Palmer Intuition studies since 1977, and coordinator for many years of panel classes in the SF Bay Area. She is a certified Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition teacher and currently The Internship Coordinator and Typing Mentor and Coach for the EPTP certification process. 

Pat is a certified Healing Yoga instructor, also having studied dance, movement, Vipassana meditation, acupressure, Feldenkrais Method, and somatic body and breath awareness, and continues a longstanding Tai Chi & Qi Gong practice. She is the mother of three, now young adults, with her husband Peter. And as a seeker, involved with wholistic health and having passed through the budding of the coaching movement with EST and Actualizations from 1977 to 1989 putting focus in Reichian based, emotional release bodywork and was part of a healing community with the Center for Human Growth in Berkeley - then became the studio and office manager, and Deejay at the Friday night Dance Jams. This was the home of the first public Enneagram programs. She is seeped in the Enneagram Oral tradition from her first panel classes and 4th Way studies with Kathleen Speeth and has been dedicated to the mission and study of the Enneagram all her adult life. 

Pat offers Enneagram typing interviews, individual and group study, consultation and coaching sessions in person in the SF Bay Area, by phone, Skype or Zoom around the world. Individual fees range from $75 - $150 per session. Contact or call 510-234-1600 

Enneagram Point Group

Study group for Types 2,3,4's the Feeling types with Pat O'Hanrahan

4 meetings - weekday evening, 7-9:15pm
Dates TBD - to start a new session please contact if interested 
6-8 participants
Cost: $120 - for 4 sessions seriesI

This study group is for Types 2,3,4 who have an understanding of their type expressions - and would like to practice within community of others looking at themselves from the inside out. Pat is a certified teacher in the Enneagram Narrative Tradition, typing coach, and also offers an ongoing Enneagram in Relationships study group with her husband Peter. She has continued deepening her perspective and understanding with Enneagram studies for over 40 years.

Pat has worked with me many times in interviews and inquiry into my type with the Enneagram. Her insights and presence have been extremely helpful in my professional and personal life, and have resulted in changing lifelong patterns which have held me back from moving forward in my career. I highly recommend working with Pat if you want to see change in your life.

  Fine Artist at Beth Hird Studio

Thank you for all the support, understanding, and the insight you gave me. It helped me develop confidence and loosen my Type character structure, and I couldn't believe how comfortable I felt during the certification process - with your appreciation and encouragement, it all came together.

Linda Messia, EPTP Certified teacher