The Enneagram Professional Training Program

The four-section Enneagram Professional Training Program™ (EPTP) presented by Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition is designed for those who would like to pursue teacher certification or use the Enneagram in their professional practice or workplace. Section 1, the Enneagram Intensive™, is a six-day foundational program offered as a stand-alone workshop. CEUs available for some of the Trainings. For full schedule and more information please visit

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Introduction to the Palmer/Daniels Enneagram Professional Training Program (EPTP)

The Enneagram in Relationships

A continuing monthly Study Group with Peter and Pat O'Hanrahan

Location: Richmond heights home, East bay
Times: Fridays, 7 - 9:20pm  
Note: Monthly Study group series Jan - May 2019

Group size: 10 - 14 participants
Cost for full series only: $210
January 11, February 1, March 8, April 12, May 10.
Contact: or 510-234-1600

Richmond, East Bay group: With Peter and Pat O'Hanrahan has been meeting for over ten years, space is limited. Note: This study group is for intermediate and advanced students who are using the Enneagram for personal growth and are interested in exploring within community. Advanced registration is required, please check with us. 

Requirements for membership • You know the enneagram system and your own type well • You are able to practice centering and self awareness • You want to hear from others who are on the path and can listen well • You can commit to attending most of the meeting dates.

For continuing education and a community of support for applying the enneagram to our
inner work and relationships. 
This is an opportunity for students of the enneagram who want to be part of an ongoing support group and community. The focus will be on putting the enneagram to work in our lives and in our relationships. Lots of good theory but with an emphasis on practical application. 
Recordings are made available, for members only, of the first half of the group if you miss a meeting (no recording of the more personal sharing).

The format will include • guided meditation with breath practice • presentation on an aspect of the enneagram • whole group discussion, and • small breakout groups for more personal sharing.

About Peter: I have been teaching the enneagram for over 35 years to a wide variety of groups and organizations. I am a trainer in the US and other countries for the Palmer/Daniels Enneagram Professional Training Program (EPTP). And I have been leading study groups for many years (my first was in 1981) it’s my favorite format for taking the enneagram work deeper.

Other Enneagram Workshops taught by Peter that you may want to bring to your community:

One or Two day: 9-5pm Location: Host in your home, school, community event space

Enneagram Panel Workshop
Embodied Enneagram Workshop
Instinctual Subtypes and Relationships
Relationships and Communications Workshop
Defenses, Dichotomies and Character Structure Workshop
The Wholistic Enneagram: Love & Relationships in Three Centers

Peter's 2019 EPTP Schedule

The Enneagram Intensive
Menlo Park, CA Feb. 9-14
Menlo Park, CA Aug. 3-8
Guangzhou, China, Nov. 15-20

Instincts & Subtypes
Menlo Park, CA Feb. 18-19
Menlo Park, CA Aug. 12-13
Cincinnati, OH Nov 2-3

The Typing Process
Denver, CO April 5-7
Menlo Park, CA Aug. 14-16
Guangzhou, China, Nov. 22-25

Narrative Teacher Training
Menlo Park, CA  August 17-19
The Embodied Enneagram
Guangzhou, China  June 21-23

Instinctual Subtypes
Guangzhou, China, June 15-18

Love and Relationship in Three Centers
Presentation for IEA Conference, July 27

Ongoing Monthly Study group
Richmond, CA,  January - May

Check back for 2019 schedule updates


Other 2018 Classes & Workshops

The Holistic Enneagram: love & relationship with head, heart & body
Nantes, France Sept. 14-15 

Instincts in the Workplace
Nantes, France Sept. 17 

The Holistic Enneagram Online Class
Weds. evenings, 4-6 PST  

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Contact Peter  510-234-1600